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I'm Griffin DeJoy, a Graphic Designer from Athens, Georgia. 
My passions include: making logos, taking cool pictures, neon signage, and them Dawgs. I've been doing graphic design for over 15 years, when I made my first logo for a friend's rec basketball team. 
I went to the University of Georgia and got my BFA in Graphic Design in 2017. After graduating, I continued working for a local business called The Sign BrothersWe primarily made, you guessed it, signs! Like A LOT of signs... apartment complexes, hospitals, churches, cities, big businesses, small businesses. But eventually these projects started to turn into what we called: Experiential Design That's like graphic design but for the human experience. Which was cool! Like presenting design presentations for renovations at Atlanta United's training facility in Arthur Blank's office kind of cool. But then Covid happened and kinda ruined the human experience...
Now I do graphic design at the University of Georgia again! I am getting a Masters degree in Emerging Media through the New Media Institute while also working as a Graduate Assistant for UGA Athletics. I create a wide range of content for the University’s 14 sports teams. Most of the time it’s creating social media templates, platform management, or print projects like schedule posters. But sometimes it’s designing new uniforms for the baseball team, live tweeting National Championship football games (x2), or creating a logo for the Title IX 50th Anniversary campaign. Through the Emerging Media masters program I have gained a wide range of contemporary tech skills. Things like building apps & websites, professional development cycles like Sprints, & augmented reality experiences. My goal in obtaining this degree was to become a more well rounded designer, I want to bring a wider range of skill and understanding to a team. I recognize that I can’t do it all, but I can do a lot. 
I prefer in-person work over at-home work, but don’t mind when there’s a good balance. I work well in groups, both as a leader and a supporter, and find collaborative work preferable over working alone. I care deeply about the work that I create and will do what it takes to make things better. Thank you for checking out my portfolio and taking the time to read all this. 
If you think I can help you with your next project drop me a line!

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